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Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®Whole Brain® Thinking

What is the HBDI®?

The HBDI® is a preference-based instrument developed from an understanding of neuroscience. It provides a validated positive and inclusive way to identify our thinking preferences without pigeonholing or non-productive labelling, as it fosters a positive psychology approach.  


The assessment measures how individuals process information based on their thinking preferences. It categorizes the thinking preferences across four domains: logical-analytical, organized-planful, relational-emotional, and intuitive-creative.


The instrument measures the comparative strength of one’s preference in each domain as dominant, secondary, or tertiary. This then allows for an in-depth exploration of the implications of the results for the person, and application of these findings to the work of developing the person in question.    


Use of the tool is easily scalable, and can be used to show implications for an individual, a team, a work unit or a whole organization

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What is Whole Brain® Thinking? 

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Whole Brain® Thinking allows a team to leverage the cognitive diversity of its members.


Teams learn to value their differences and complementary ways of thinking, rather than seeing them as points of conflict.


This then allows them to draw on the strengths of each at the right moment in time, increasing productivity, effectiveness, and enjoyment of being part of the team.

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