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Measured Impact

Everybody wants to make a difference; to have an impact

Whether you are a seasoned leader, a first-time manager or an individual contributor, honing your self-awareness, and your ability to leverage your strengths and address your gaps is fundamental to having an impact. 

During this one-day workshop you will develop your self-awareness, and from that, understand the implications of your ways of approaching communications, decision-making and problem-solving; providing choices on how you want to show up. We will engage in: 



The first step in having more impact is self-awareness.

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® is the world's leading thinking styles assessment tool and will provide the foundation for learning more about your thinking preferences.


Implications & Applications

Once you understand your thinking preferences, we identify the implications with respect to communications, decision-making and problem-solving.


And then we focus on specific applications for you, and an action plan for implementation. 


Optional Coaching Support

If you would like to explore further, or would like additional support, one-on-one coaching is available beyond the workshop. 

You choose the agenda, and where you want to focus. 

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"Sheila is considerate, thoughtful, understanding, and values your time on a personal and work level."


                                                              Shannon Lloyd,

                                                                                         Programs Manager, MCAWB

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