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The Power of Teams

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Working in teams is a way of life in most organizations. 

Teams that are clear on their mandate; the skills they share, and those they need; and which have developed methods for understanding each other and working effectively together are more likely to succeed.

Teams of all kinds - sales, marketing, customer engagement, supply chain, HR - will become stronger and more effective as a result of this one-day workshop. 


Part 1

  • In the first part of the day we use HBDI® assessments to learn more about each person on the team.  We focus on their thinking preferences, and how those affect their approaches to  communication, decision making and problem solving. 

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Part 2

  • We then use HBDI® TEAM assessment to leverage the strengths of each individual, and the team, to define the structures that will help you  excel as a team - no matter what your mandate.  

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  • Better understanding of each other

  • Better communication, decision making and problem solving

  • Shared expectations

  •  Tools & structures to support team interactions and team activities

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