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Manage Better: Discover and master the unwritten rules everyone expects you to know

In this course, early-career managers gain tools and the framework they need to become effective, confident leaders.


More than 25 years of experience and 1000s of hours of coaching managers and leaders have gone into the content that will allow your new managers to get up to speed and become effective faster than ever thought possible without them having to go off-site or take days away from the job.

Over 12 weeks, in fewer than 2 hours per week, new managers develop critical skills based on the repeatable patterns that successful managers use. They will:

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Change what they know

Participants focus on knowing themselves better through exercises and an HBDI® assessment.


They also learn about the role of the manager and what they are responsible for in that role. 



Change how they think

Participants learn to think strategically, approach things logically, and manage more effectively through a combination of instruction and practical application.

They shift from thinking like an individual contributor to thinking like a manager. 


Change what they do

They learn  and practice the secrets to giving effective feedback, identify the key elements for prioritizing work, and discover tricks to become a better influencer

They develop a new level of skill in their ability to manage a team, themselves and their network, and confidence in doing so. 

This cohort-based course: 

Offers access to content online at a time and pace that works for participants.

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Has bi-weekly instructor-facilitated online sessions with the cohort, to consolidate learning through case studies, interactive discussion, and Q&A.

Provides enhanced learning and accountability as participants meet periodically with their assigned learning partners,  to  discuss content, share experiences, and build skills.

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If you have early-career managers .....

"From day one, through to the course debrief, I felt that Sheila was dedicated not just to delivering, but also to adjusting the course to fit the dynamic of the group she was training.  Sheila was always very organized, which was reflected in the efficient execution of the course.  It is very evident that Sheila has taken the time throughout her career to think about not only the “what”, but also the “how” and the “why” of leading people.  My favourite part of the course was the insight and activities that Sheila provided that allowed our leaders opportunities to self-evaluate; this really opened the door to thoughtful introspection and positive leadership change." 

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Greg Byrgesen,

VP, People Operations

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