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The Manage Better Centre for Learning

Where aspiring and current leaders increase their influence and impact

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The future will be tech-enabled and the pace of change is exponential. The need for strong, humane management and leadership is becoming increasingly important. Manage Better can help you...


Maximum impact is critical at every level in an organization. As is investment in people for the future. We offer 5 programs, each one with a different purpose, targeted to different parts of the organization.

Leadership Teams

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We work with Leadership Teams to align them with their vision, and each other, so that they immediately improve their communication, problem solving, and their ability to innovate, and make impactful decisions.

Using the HBDI® as a starting point we build awareness of self and other team members, to learn how to leverage the strengths of the team, identify and mitigate potential gaps, and establish the framework to amplify team success.

Functional Teams


We help new teams, existing teams and “wannabe” teams to find their power by using the HBDI® to explore the unique strengths and perspectives that each member brings to the table.


During a one-day workshop, we help each team member articulate their unique contribution, define the shape of the team, and then leverage these to tackle challenges and opportunities facing the team.

Early-career Managers

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We create skillful future leaders by working with them as they take on their first management positions, and by helping them to quickly develop the foundations for great management now and compelling leadership in the future. 


Through a cohort-based turnkey online course, supported by access to one-on-one coaching, we equip early-career managers with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to manage effectively and with confidence.

Collections of Individuals


Within organizations, we help individuals understand who they are, how they show up and the impact they have on those around them. This allows them to increase their influence and impact, and offer the most to the organization.


In a workshop that starts with self-exploration using the HBDI®, we unpack the unique strengths that support each participant, and uncover ways to leverage those, while developing tools and strategies to address those areas that are currently less strong. 


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Individual coaching can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and development. We work one-on-one with individuals to maximize their professional and personal potential.


In a safe, confidential environment, we help them to identify and leverage their strengths, name and challenge their fears, and identify the ways they get in their own ways, so that they can develop strategies for catching themselves before they get into trouble and generate positive actions instead.

Join the organizations that trust Manage Better

“It’s hard to overstate the impact a proactive, insightful manager can have on a business — and its employees. At a time of unprecedented turnover, feeling connected to, respected by, and engaged with, one’s manager is vital." 


Forbes Magazine, January 2022

The Manage Better Difference


Increase retention and engagement of employees


You choose the best time to access the skills


Accelerate the development of managers & leaders


A varied, engaging learning environment and a chance to explore yourself in the context of others


Apply tools and skills immediately

Cost effectiveness

Targeted, efficient, cost-effective access to learning and development

"Sheila Norris is a long-time champion of the best management and leadership practices. With years of experience coaching and mentoring some of Canada’s top MBA students, Sheila is well aware of the challenges facing those transitioning from a “doer” to a “manager.” Her Manage Better program accelerates the development of new managers with a thorough grounding in the fundamentals, as well as the practical tools and skills needed to hit the ground running. Her participant-focused approach to learning ensures flexibility around busy work schedules, and access to course content 24/7.  This is the ideal course for those taking the next step in their leadership journey."

Therese Greenwood

Executive Director,

Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo

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